Build a standard-order dropping process

Allow your B2B partners to drop orders easy and fast at anytime.

Comfort for you and your clients

Reordering standardized orders from your supplier has never been easier. With the B2B order portal, you save your partners and your customer service field representative time and unnecessary ordering-paths. Now the order is being sent directly to your production and logistics center with a single click. This way you not only save time but also reduce the amount of the unsuccessful orders.

Efficient communication due to standartized order lists

Mistaken orders are no longer the case! The order information arrives directly at the production station and can easily be manufactured. 
Print the Order List

Delivery note printed both in A4 and on the thermoprinter

Digital Order Note

Easy to be used on a tablet

Order Note as Export or API

Order Note in xls-, csv-form or  send to a 3rd party directly per interface

24/7 Availability and Real-Time Controlling of the ordering process

Keep track of your clients orders! The orders are automatically connected to the client-IDs so that they receive an email with the updated order-status.

Cut the unnecessary order-paths

Writing emails and faxes or making phone calls to dictate a 10-digit order number of a single product, then repeat it another 10 times is a waste. It also takes another person sitting behind the monitor or holding the phone to accept them and transfer to the production department. With the B2B order portal, this process is completed automatically while the service field representative has more time to go out win new partners instead of receiving orders.

Organize your replenishments

The best advice that you can give to your partner is to mark the products that he or she purchases from you. This way their employees can recognize them and make a shopping list for these products. This does not only reduce the mistakes associated with order-placing but it is also easier and time-saving for them to place an order with the B2B order portal.

Automatic reordering

Coming soon! – Give your partners the chance to set up a fixed date for order replenishment. Combined with the auto-replenishment function of Inventory Management from leafsystems this will be no longer a problem for them. Once set up they can use their spare time to observe the utilization analytics to indicate further optimization-potential.

How does the B2B order portal work?

Create partner accounts

The first thing you need to do is add your business partners at the back end and create their Log-In accounts. The system automatically sends them an email with their personalized information.

order portal
Integration to an existing Website

The B2B order portal is integrated into your existing website and is visible after the Log-In with the personalized IDs of your business partners. Once logged in, they can easily order the needed products. After the order submission, they receive an email with all of the important details.

B2B order portal
Chose the best method for your business 

The B2B order portal is sending the order to the partner profile in the back-end. Afterward, there are several possibilities for the next step. The first and easiest one is to put a thermoprinter at your production department and directly print the order there. For further use cases contact our sales team!

order portal
Order Completion and Billing

The B2B order portal allows you to bill your partners according to their business preferences – monthly, semi-annually, annually – we set no limits. This way both sides reduce the amount of accounting work.

order portal

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