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Make a revolution in your canteen - pre-ordering for employees with Canteen Ordering and POS system!

Save Time

With the Canteen Ordering and POS system from leafsystems, there is no need for you to transmit orders between your employees and the caterer or your own kitchen. With this feature, all of the orders are listed and summarized in a report. Now you can see and measure the order-frequence of the dishes and use it to optimize the processes and your expenses.

Save Money

Every year hundred thousands kilograms of food land in the garbage because of inadequate estimations. That is not only eco-unfriendly but also causes a lot of unnecessary expenses. Having detailed information about the orders of your employees helps you to make accurate estimations about how much products are needed to cover the specific weekly demand. This way you do not waste money on products, that are going to land in the garbage for no reason.

More control

Over ordering-time, amounts and availability

Reports and Evaluation

Of the orders over a specific period of time

Better resource utilization

Due to better planning using the evaluations

Easier Billing

Weekly, monthly, semi-annually – without limitations

Canteen ordering features:

Unlimited Access

The canteen ordering software can be used at all types of devices – desktop-PC, tablet or smartphone. The employees log into the system with their personal username and password and can preorder their dishes for each day of the week.

User-friendly interface

Once logged in the system, the employees see the menu for each day of the week and the available amounts. Moreover, they can find descriptions and pictures of the dishes. These details can be added from the backend.

canteen ordering

Better meal planning

There are only 50 dishes from type X available for next Monday? – No need to worry, the software is connected to the inventory management feature. This allows your employees to only order the dishes available. You can change this amount at any time.

Ordering Timeframe

If you have a certain time frame, in which the employees are allowed to place their orders, you can embed it in the software. This way no orders can be placed outside the time frame.

No more mistakes

Each of the employees has a personal NFC-card. Using this card allows the person to only receive the dish that he or she has preordered. After submitting their order at the canteen POS station, the order can be printed or showed at the kitchen monitor.

Furthermore, you can decide between different payment patterns – after every dish, once a week, once a month… We set no limitations. On top of that, you can export the order information of each employee and analyze them in order to improve your operations and numbers.

Optimize and improve your business canteen ordering!