Being a Restaurant Manager is a tough job!

Yes, we get it – margin must be calculated properly, competition is ruthless and serving people is quite stressful.

Everything that helps your waiters collecting more orders, offering more profitable meals and drinks or just working more effectively, is impacting your overall business outcome. Having enough information about the processes in your restaurant helps you making accurate and effective decisions about it.

leafsystems is going to help you collecting all of the useful data!

Increase your revenue

Smart functions are helping the waiters to make more profit.

Collect more orders faster! The waiters can collect orders and directly send them to the cash register. This way the orders are being prepared at the bar and in the kitchen directly after being sent to your POS system. Now you can easily increase your recurring revenues by creating a rewarding system. Just add client-accounts for each of your regular customers and reward them with discounts and special offers. This is an effective way to increase your average ordering volume at your tables. The up-selling functions like e.g. visual menus or sophisticated meal requests are helping your waiters to do that.

bootshaus Mannheim
bootshaus / Manneim
The cash register is helping us gain overview of our operational numbers. It has never been easier to create reports that are both specific and comperhensive. 
Sascha Ullrich / Manager

Increase the number of your loyal customers using client-cards

Client-Cards with voucher function are baked in leafsystems’ cash register and help to build a strong customer relationship.

Improve your service

The main development task for leafsystems was to make the software user-friendly and intuitive for your staff so that they can concentrate on providing an unforgettable experience to your clients.
Intuitive and user-friendly the software does not require any heavy training.

Collecting, editing and canceling orders as well as setting discounts and dividing the bill have never been faster and easier. The numerous functions allow you to significantly improve your services. On top of that, there are plenty of videos explaining our other additional functions in our YouTube Support Chanel.  Subscribe for our channel for more updates and convince yourself. 

Connect your card-payment terminal with your cash register per Bluetooth.

Restaurant cash register + Card-payment Terminal = Time-saving. The waiters can accept card-payments directly at the table. The amount due is being transferred to the Card-payment terminal. A customer has to insert the card or alternatively hold it next to the terminal. The payment confirmation follows after inserting PIN-code or by signature on the display of the device. leafsystems has completed integrations with Concardis and SumUp.

Impress your guests providing them additional information about the meals and drinks offered.

There is no question that the waiters cannot answer. They can tell all about allergens, recipe, spices, nutrition values at the table, providing the clients with an excellent service. The translations help your staff to serve and impress even your international customers.

Is there an onion in this dish? and Which juices is this cocktail made of? are typical questions that are no more left unanswered even from the new waiter that started last week. Just add the recipes to the article – problem solved!

Unter der Linde / Saarbrücken
We were searching for a quite some time for a suitable POS system before we found leafsystems. Ease of use was the most important part of the decision and we are glad that we found what we were looking for!
Sebastian Becker / Manager

Make better decisions

leafsystems helps you to understand your data fully and make better decisions based on the collected information.
Device autonomy

No matter Android, IOS or just a traditional Touch-screen POS – leafsystems suits all of them.

100% offline functions

You can use your POS system and all of the connected devices with their full functionalities even if the internet connection is not working.

Access for you tax adviser

With comfortable access for your tax adviser, you bring the accounting to a whole new level.

Mobile ordering device for more revenues

Increase your revenue up to 20% using our mobile ordering device.

Live-Online real time reporting

It is now possible to change products or check on your sales or waiter activities even on the go.

Fast adoption of features

We offer you cash book, inventory management, voucher management, kitchen monitor, NFC-vouchers and a lot more in case you are bored of the standard functions.

Marco's Pizza Pasta Bar Lounge / Rosenheim
We were able to perfectly structure our internal processes. Using leafsystems especially for more complicated dishes with numerous variations, preferences and courses like Pizza and Pasta was an excellent decision!
Marco & Antonella Marchese / Managers

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