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Yes, we get it - profit marge must be calculated properly, competition is ruthless and serving people is quite stressful.

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Das Kassensystem für erfolgreiche Gastronomen


Tablet Menu -leafsystems

Expand your services with the digital iPad menu for your clients

Everything that helps the waiters collecting more orders, offering more profitable meals and drinks or just working more effectively, is impacting your overall business outcome. Having enough information about the processes in your restaurant helps you making accurate and effective decisions about it.


No more misunderstandings with your international clients.

More Efficiency

Fill your restaurant with clients several times a day.

More Profit

Increase the follow-up orders – especially the drinks.


iPad, Android or a traditional Touchscreen – our menu suits all of them.

The Entertainment for your Clients

With leafmenu – our digital iPad menu you can exploit the advantages of your restaurant. It is a common sense that when the restaurant is full the waiters cannot manage to check on all tables. They need to serve the meals, take away the dirty dishes, serve the new customers – in many cases they cannot manage it all. This results in clients waiting too long for their bill or for another glass of wine. For you, that means a missed opportunity for more profit. With the iPad menu that will be no longer the case because your clients can order anytime they want. The only thing you need to do is leave the tablet on the table.

Aligned with your business design

The digital menu is completely aligned with the design of your restaurant so that your clients can enjoy this classy modern service experience and associate it with you restaurant identity.

Less Stress

The iPad menu is the entertainer for your adult clients and stress release for their children. As a result, the staff can fully concentrate on the clients’ special wishes and comfort.

Change in Seconds

You can change dishes, their pictures or add new ones to your menu anytime. All of the useful settings are available in the operational back-end – leafcenter.

At the table or stationary

You decide whether to put an iPad menu on each Table or to use large Tablet and use it as Ordering Terminal in the central part of your restaurant.

iPad menu

How does it function?

Find out how to make the best use of the iPad menu!
Place orders in a row – leafsystems at Galileo

If you offer All you can eat concept to your clients, then leafsystems’ iPad menu is the best solution for you! The row-ordering concept allows the guests to order in a specific row in predefined time-frames and chose only from the predefined dishes. You can set:

  • How many dishes may the client order for each course
  • Which dishes are being displayed (Evening menu, Lunch menu, Wine list …)
  • How long are the time-frames between the courses
  • How many people are sitting at the table
Set permissions for your clients

Make the ordering process an entertainment for your clients. You can also decide whether they can order themselves or just use the tablets as a standard digital menu. In case they are allowed to place orders – these are going to be printed at the predefined bill-printer at the right place.

Furthermore, you can add, delete or change pictures, additional information and descriptions anytime. Once done, the changes are available on all of the devices.

If you need further information about the settings or the functionalities you can check our YouTube channel where you can find tutorials for the different topics and become a pro even faster!

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Satisfied customers with…

the digital Notifying feature.
Save yourself the trouble with the angry clients, who have been waiting for the waiter for ages. The staff receives a notification on their mobile POS system devices or at the main POS system whenever one of the clients needs an assistance.

All of the details are available on the digital menu.

Your clients are going to be more than glad to read all about the allergens, spices, nutrition values and descriptions of their meal. As a result – visiting your restaurant becomes a unique and unforgettable experience for your visitors.

Internationale Küche - gesunde-platte
The right menu for each occasion

You can combine the offered dishes as you wish.
Create the dishes you offer in the back-end and connect them to the menus that you need. A Wine list, Dinner menu, Lunch menu – we do not put limits on your imagination.

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