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Have you ever calculated the time and money wasted on unproductivity?

logistics portal

Big enterprises with several storehouses and production locations experience a lot of small logistic inconveniences. For example, to build a machine there are hundred thousands of small screws and loops needed at each production stage at each production station. So each hour somebody puts his or her work on a hold in order to bring the parts he or she needs. On the way, they meet some co-workers, make a small chat or smoke a cigarette. Once reached the storage area they decide to take a few more screws just in case so that they don’t have to walk twice.

Think about it twice:
  1. Every time an employee leaves his working station he loses on his concentration and productivity.
  2. The workers spend a lot of working time empty-handed just to reach the storehouse location they need.
  3.  If each of them takes a couple of spare parts, just in case, sooner or later there are going to be no more. This means ordering new parts when there are enough there already, which is a waste of more time, money and productivity.

Intern Logistics improvement with the Logistics Portal

With leafsystems’ Logistics Portal you can place orders between two locations in the storehouse. Now there is no need to waste working-time and productivity of your employees.
Better workflow
More efficiency
Better warehousing
Less time wasted

How does it work?



Place order in Logistics Portal

The employees log in the logistics portal with their user-IDs and indicate their working station. For example, if that is a car-producing hall, they indicate at which assembly station do they work. Then they chose which items are available for the orders.

Prepare the orders

The main monitor is located at the logistics and shows all of the orders at each working station. A logistics employee then uses the thermoprinter to print an order list and places the items in the Autonomous Robot.


Transportation of orders

Once the orders have been prepared the employee defines the locations for the deliveries on the robot’s own tablet. The different stations and the way to them are implemented in its software. This way the autonomous robot “knows” where to carry the items to and finds the shortest way to do it.

Overview of the useful features

The digital menu can be displayed on android as well as IOS and some Microsoft devices.

Each of the workers has a tablet for placing orders at his working station. The outlay of the Logistics Portal can be adapted in a way that the employees also watch video instructions or any other type of useful information.

The devices allow the workers to only order from the parts that are available in the storehouse. In the backend, there is an inventory level feature that tracks the availability of parts and reduces the amount after each order. The information is then summarized in analytics, which helps you to make more accurate planning.

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