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Das Kassensystem für erfolgreiche Gastronomen

Mobiles Bestellsystem Mobiles Bestellsystem Mobiles Bestellsystem

Mobiles Bestellsystem
Mobiles Bestellsystem

Improve your services!

The mobile POS System leafsystems has been developed over the years in cooperation with restauranteurs and their staff in order to make their job easier.

Guests supervised at the right moment = More revenue

For each manager it is important to have control over the business in order to improve the efficiency of processes, making them less time and money consuming. For that reason, a mobile POS system is a must for your restaurant. And here it comes the best part – it is suitable for both big and smaller restaurants.

Now you can gladly forget about the times when your staff was crowded at the bar or rushing through the restaurant, trying to manage their orders. With the mobile POS system, your waiters collect the orders from table to table, paying attention to the client needs while the bartender is already preparing the drinks. This way they not only save time but work and sell more efficiently.

More Satisfaction

Reduced waiting time for service to come, less waiting for the order to arrive at the table and more supervision is highly appreciated from your clients. And of course, when your clients are satisfied they are willing to spend more money in your restaurant and would gladly recommend it and bring friends next time they come.

More revenue

Your waiters save themselves the time for dropping the order at the bar. That means they have more time to concentrate on the questions regarding the offering or the special wishes of your clients. Moreover, they can check more frequently if the guests at the tables are served and increase the sales with an additional espresso or a dessert.

Less Mistakes

There is a very nice side-effect as well – you can leave the mistaken and the forgotten orders in the past. Last but not least your waiters are not supposed to endlessly calculate or divide the bill at the table. Thanks to the additional features like calculator the mobile POS system is doing that for you.

How does it function?

..due to colors, icons and pictures

You need only 10 minutes to incorporate the new waitress in her new job.  The user-friendly interface, as well as the colors and icons, reduce the searching time for dishes. This helps the waiters to react faster, answer more questions accurately and serve better. Moreover, there are no limits for the dishes order in your menu. This means you can set them in any order that helps your staff work more efficiently.

By the way, if you need any further information about the functionalities of the mobile POS system or the back-end settings you can check our YouTube channel.

Special wishes? – No Problem!

Fish and Chips, without chips but with baked potatoes instead and please some side salad on a separate plate. With the mobile POS from leafsystems, you need a couple of seconds for this one. You can choose between prefabricated modifiers and extras or just add a simple note as if you write a text message. All of these functions are available on each waiter’s device so that they need much less time taking the order. This way you solve two problems with one solution – provide better service and increase customer satisfaction.

mobile POS system
All of the details in your Hand.

Help your waiters to serve as good as they can! Provide them with details about allergens, receipts, spices, nutrition values, descriptions or pictures. Once you add this information to the back-end, it will be visible on all of your mobile POS system devices.

mobile POS system
Swap between courses and clients faster!

Multiple billing of clients at the table

leafsystems allows you to define groups or seating in order to separate the bills for people sitting together at the table. That means you can directly bill the orders personally. There is no more need for the favorite discussion “Who is paying what?” – it is all on the mobile POS system devices.

On top of that – you save time!

The menu is built in a way that your waiters swap fast and smoothly between bills and people. All of it happens fast and easy and it is neatly arranged to reduce confusion and eliminate possible mistakes. In the end, the whole order is being sent by a single click.

Only 9 more available.

Save yourself the trouble with the clients who couldn’t receive what they have ordered. It is also better for both your clients and staff. Once in the system, the receipts are automatically reducing the inventory level. On top of that, the information is synchronized in the whole system. This way your waiters serve the guests better giving them the accurate information.

mobile POS system
Additional Time Saving due to the mobile payment terminal.

“I would pay with a card” – has never been faster
With leafsystems, your clients can easily pay with a card at the table. The amount due is being transferred from the POS System and displayed on the mobile payment terminal. The client has to enter his PIN-Code and sign if necessary -voila!

SumUp and Optipay (Concardis) are some of the leafsystems’  mobile payment providers.

The digital coupon.

Redeem a coupon at the table with NFC.

Using leafsystems allows your staff to redeem coupons with any device with NFC-Function. Now you can replace the paper-coupons with personalized client-coupon-cards. As an addition, we provide you with a coupon management feature, so that you don’t lose track of your active and used coupons.

mobile POS System - leafsystems

One Software - endless Hardware possibilities

Our software is compatible with almost any hardware type – here are our suggestions and the differences between them.
mobile POS System - leafsystems
mobile POS System - leafsystems


5 inch Display

Android 7

2GB internal memory

Dual camera

exchangeable 2600 mAh battery (ca. 9h operating time)

Samsung Galaxy J5

5 inch Display

NFC / Android 7

2GB internal memory

Dual camera

non-exchangeable 2600 mAh battery (ca. 9h operating time)

Sunmi M2

5 inch Display

NFC / Android 7.1

8GB internal memory

Dual camera

non-exchangeable 3000 mAh battery (ca. 14h operating time)

WiFi / 4G

shock-resistant/ water-restitant

Sunmi V2 PRO

6 inch Display

NFC / Android 7.1

Integrated bill printer

QR Code reader

8GB internal memory

Dual camera

non-exchangeable 2580 mAh battery (ca. 9h operating time)

WiFi / 4G

shock-resistant / water-resistant / frost protection

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