The modular
restaurant cash register

Adjustable restaurant cash register for even more cost savings

Offline. Einfach. Stabil.

Das Kassensystem für erfolgreiche Gastronomen



Reliable use with any device!

The leafsystems’  restaurant cash register was created for use on any device both on- and offline.
On- and Offline

More stability and security

One of the main hardware parts of the restaurant cash register is the local server. Its function is to prevent data loss and outages. Moreover, it provides the whole system with all requirements for complete offline use and this way prevents data losses of any kind. On top of that, your data is being saved as backups on multiple leafsystems’ servers and lawfully kept for  10 years.

Up-to-date with jurisdictional changes

The system is being adjusted and extended with any jurisdictional corrections in a very short time. We provide all of these updates to our clients for free.

Extendability to meet your business requirements

Mobile POS System, Kitchen Monitor, Inventory management and much more…

Due to the modular construction of the restaurant cash register software, it can be easily extended with additional features. This way you optimize the processes even better, which helps you to make even more profit.

Wie funktionierts?

Handy representation of your operational numbers

Real-time data of the operational numbers in your restaurant gives you more control and informs about your business success.

By the way, if you need any further information about the functionalities of the cash register or the back-end settings you can check our YouTube channel.

Find the right table faster

The serving staff can now use the seating plan for more efficient serving so that none of the tables is left unserved. You can also change the graphical composition of the seating plan anytime you want.

Here you can find more information about the seating plan

Keep track of your regular customers.

Add all of your regular customers to your cash register. There are no more notebook records of unpaid bills. From now on the system is showing you who has unpaid bills by coloring them in red and putting them on the top of your list. Now there is no way to forget or oversee any of it.

Do you want to find out more about our customer management? Hier gehts zum Thema Kundenverwaltung.


Tally up on the cash register faster – cash up more.

Save time serving a busy bar in a club or at festivals

Cash up using just a few clicks. The Expresskiosk is a feature of the cash register which can be used whenever the main working requirement is speed.

Only 9 more available.

Save yourself the trouble with the clients who couldn’t receive what they have ordered. It is also better for both your clients and staff. Once in the system, the receipts are automatically reducing the inventory level. On top of that, the information is synchronized in the whole system. This way your waiters serve the guests better giving them the accurate information.

Detailed insights in your operations.

Group your operational costs according to their fields of use to make a more accurate financial evaluation.

Swap between courses and guests faster!

Multiple billing of guests at the table

leafsystems allows you to define groups or seating in order to separate the bills for people sitting together at the table. That means you can directly bill the orders personally. There is no more need for the favorite discussion who is paying what – it is all on the mobile POS system devices.

On top of that – you save time!

The menu is built in a way that your waiters swap fast an smoothly between bills and people. All of it happens fast and easy and it is neatly arranged to reduce confusion and eliminate possible mistakes. In the end, the whole order is being sent by a single click.

Control the duration of promotions.

Promotions with a preset ending
You can create time-limited promotions such as Happy Hour, Meal of the day or combined offers.

All of the details in your Hand.

Create an individual menu for each area or occasion. Then help your waiters to serve as good as they can provide them with details about allergens, receipts, spices, nutrition values, descriptions or pictures.

The digital coupon.

Redeem a coupon at the table with NFC.

Using leafsystems allows your staff to redeem coupons with any device with NFC-Function. Now you can replace the paper-coupons with personalized client-coupon-cards. As an addition, we provide you with a coupon management feature, so that you don’t lose track of your active and used coupons.

mobile POS System - leafsystems
Who is allowed to do what?

Set permissions for each member of your staff in order to reduce the number of mistakes.

The more people working with the system, the more mistakes can happen. In order to minimize possible mistakes just set the right permissions to each member of your serving staff.

Card payments and NFC coupons.

Credit card, Cash, Debit card or a bank transfer.
We do not set limits on your clients’ payment comfort.

Mobiles Bestellsystem
So that your clients do not miss the track of their orders.

On a client monitor, you can display prices, advertisements as well as orders.

Mobiles Bestellsystem

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