Our system improve your business.


Point of Sale system.

  • Easy & Intuitiv
  • Stability & Robustness
  • Ready to use now


Service for your service.

  • Optimize processes
  • Fast ordering
  • More revenue


Entertainer for your guests.

  • Digital menu
  • Individualisation
  • More revenue


Management platform.

  • Restaurant management
  • Menu Card management
  • Revenue reports & statistics

More revenue

Optimized process save time and money.

Security & Stability

Our system use special BackUp mechanisms to guarantee data security and stability.

Less costs

Smart functionality helps to save money.

About leafsystems

We help you to improve your business!

Leaf Systems develops a customized platform-independent POS system for your business, which can be used with IOS and Android. Our modern restaurant POS system is not just going to optimize the every-day processes and costs, lead to sales increase but also going to improve the ease and the quality of your accounting reporting. The system is up to date with the legal reporting requirements, providing with correct, transparent and flawless information about each transaction made in your business. Our team is highly interested in individual needs and satisfaction of each client, which is a guarantee for the quality of our services. The POS system as well as leafwaiter and leafmenu can be easily implemented in hotels, restaurants, bars, pubs, discos as well as in big catering events, and can be customized according your preferences and special needs, making it perfect solution for big and small venues. Founded in June 2013, leafsystems’ family is experiencing stable growth having more than 100 partners and 500 tablets in use.

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