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The leafsystems cash register solution for ice cream parlors is tailored to your requirements and comes with great tools. Find out here which components can make your ice cream parlor even more successful.

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the starter package for your ice cream parlor

POS System + TSE
cash book
Receipt printer
Sumup Zahlgerät
Debit card terminal

Our POS system complies with all legal regulations and is available on both Android and iOS devices. We recommend ice cream parlors to use the cloud-based software on a tablet. An ideal complement is a receipt printer and a compact payment device. Add-on: Our intelligent inventory management helps you efficiently manage your ice cream recipes.

popular add-ons

Contactless gift card
Inventory management
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QR code at the table
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Make your ice cream parlor the most popular one!

Especially on hot days, when a line forms in front of your counter, your ice cream parlor is put to the test:

Do you have a compact card terminal that quickly accepts and processes contactless payments? Can new employees be quickly trained in the cash register software? Are you already benefiting from intelligent inventory management?

And most importantly, do you have a competent contact person who can assist you quickly and effectively with any questions?

your advantages

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save time on accounting

Receipts can be transmitted digitally and directly to the tax consultant through the cash register system.

geringe Investitionskosten

quickly learnable system

Thanks to colorful and intuitive presentation, new employees can be trained in the system within minutes.

Schnell erlernbares System

low investment costs

The POS system works on both a tablet and a traditional touch monitor.

management tools

Whether you’re on the go or on-site at your ice cream shop: live real-time analysis gives you insight into daily metrics and your business success. With our cash register solution for ice cream parlors, you benefit from detailed reporting and leave nothing to chance!

online dashboard

Live real-time analysis: Up-to-date key figures provide information about your business success – also accessible on the go.

online Dashboard
Performance Analyse

performance analysis

Using various performance analyses, you can compare your key metrics with each other.

Very popularer: A revenue performance analysis of your service staff.

top sellers and slow movers list

With just a few clicks, you can generate a list of your most and least popular items. Detailed metrics make it easy to optimize your offerings.

Renner und Penner Liste

revenue analysis

Capture revenues over a specific period. Decide for yourself which factors should be captured.

these ice cream parlors trust in leafsystems

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