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Szene aus einer Kantine

for you, a ordering solution means...

simplified billing

The billing of food orders is directly linked to payroll accounting through the employee ID.

bargeldloser Ablauf

cashless process

A cashless process saves time and eliminates queues. In addition, the accounting workload is reduced.

bessere Planbarkeit

improved predictability

Thanks to the digital ordering software, daily and weekly schedules can be shared digitally and directly with the caterer.

keine Überproduktion

no overproduction

Only what has been ordered is prepared. With Leaf Systems, you conserve and save on food and resources.

better communication

Catering service providers can independently view order lists for a specific period digitally. Tedious communication is eliminated.

glückliche Mitarbeiter

happy employees

Company cafeterias with a simple, user-friendly process make your employees consistently happy.

our most common scenarios

Kantinenszene onlinebasiert

online-based canteen scenario

ordering food: Employees order via smartphone or PC with aLOGIN Angabe der Abhspecifying the pickup time.

Food pickup:Orders are printed in the canteen or cafeteria on areceipt printerwith the corresponding pickup time and contact information, then freshly prepared.

canteen scenario with Check-In ID

Ordering food:Employees have the option to pre-order meals for the entire week online.

The weekly menu is entered by the catering service provider independently into the system. Before the goods are delivered, a report is generated listing the number of required meals.

Food pickup: On the day of the order, employees check in at a Check-IN Terminal with their ID.

After the check-in the kitchen monitor displays the order. Once the dish is ready, a receipt is printed and placed with the meal. The employee identifies their order using the included order receipt.

Kantinenszene mit einem SOT Terminal

canteen scenario with SOT terminal

Ordering food: Customers or external guests place orders at a Self-Order Terminal by tapping their ID card or scanning a QR code.

Food pickup: Afterwards, employees check in at a Check-In Terminal with their ID.

After the check-in, the order appears on the kitchen monitor. Once the dish is ready, a receipt is printed and placed with the meal. The employee identifies their order using the included order receipt.

canteen scenario with card reader

Ordering food: Employees order their food directly from the cafeteria staff.

Food pickup: After picking up the food, employees hold their ID card to a card reader. The deduction is automatically processed through payroll accounting.

There is also the option to pay in the traditional way on-site.

Kantinenszene mit einem Kartenleser

management tools

The ordering software and associated processes are tailored to the needs of your business.

Always clear and organized

All employee orders are collected and transmitted to the catering provider in a report. This makes it immediately clear how often each dish was ordered and when.

Order online-based

The cafeteria ordering software is available on desktop PCs, tablets, or mobile phones. Your employees receive a username and password, allowing them to quickly and easily pre-order their meals for any days of the week.

Inventory display

The entire software is subject to an inventory display. Employees can only order what can actually be delivered. The current inventory of an item can be changed at any time.


Each item can be presented with an image, allergens, and additives. Especially the visual representation is very helpful. This way, every employee can find the dish that suits them best.

Utilize digitization effectively.

all information on one chip card

Each employee can only redeem the dishes they have actually ordered for the current day with their NFC chip card.

After redemption, the order can optionally be sent to a kitchen monitor or printed on a receipt printer.

At the end of the month, through an analysis, each transaction individually or the sum of transactions for a specific employee can be exported, and a total invoice can be generated.

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