The better
organisation of your storage!

Gain control over the inventory levels in the storage even on the go.

The POS-integrated inventory management

No more unexpected shortages!

Everyone knows the frustration of a client who orders a Dry Age Rump Steak but there aren’t any in the fridge or when suddenly there are no burger-buns at the Burgers’ place. With the inventory management feature and the live availability indicator, you can leave these horror situations in the past.

Fewer Expenses

due to better product utilization calculations.


of storehouses in different places.

Real-Time Info

How many are left in stock?

More Control

over the happening in the different locations

Improvements by using Inventory Management

More happy clients due to better serving

One of the features is the live inventory level indicator. It displays on the mobile POS System devices how many pieces of the cake are left. This way they can directly suggest an alternative, in case the cake has been sold out. The best part of it is that this feature is available for free in the basic software version!

Receipts connected to the inventory

You can add the receipts as well as the nutrition information to the dishes on your menu. This way the inventory level is being reduced automatically after placing an order. And the best part is – you can display the nutrition values on the bill.

inventory management

React Faster and navigate easier

Thanks to the live availability indicator you can easily coordinate the preparation of some meals and drinks. This way you prevent pilling up ready orders and shortages in the production stage in the kitchen.

.. you need more inventory management?

No Problem – leafsystems offers you an expert version as well.

Better storehouse Coordination

The inventory management feature allows you to add more storehouses to your system. For example, if you own a club you can display all of the bars with their own inventory levels. Each order is then going to reduce this level.

Automatic Replenishment

Reports hold you up to date with your inventories. Moreover, thresholds allow you to place an automatic order when this specific amount is reached. This way there is no need for you to think about replenishment – leafsystems is taking care of it!

How does it function?

Find out how do you profit from the use of automated inventory management!
Only 3 left in stock.

Save yourself the trouble with the clients who couldn’t receive what they have ordered. It is also better for both your clients and staff. Once in the system, the receipts are automatically reducing the inventory level. On top of that, the information is synchronized in the whole system. This way your waiters serve the clients better, giving them the accurate information.

Fast maintenance

You can now easily add new dishes, ingredients and products in the system and connect them with the correct storage places. Besides – this is also the perfect moment to add the receipts as well. Once you have done that the system maintains and calculates the inventory level automatically.

inventory management
… from anywhere

You can check your inventory level even on the go. For Example, you are at the supermarket but have forgotten to check how many bottles of white wine do you have in Fridge 1. Grab your phone, log into your inventory management and voila.

Overview in the history

It is important to pay attention to details and to keep records of the flow of goods between your storehouses. With the inventory management, you receive all this information with a single click.

inventory management class inventory management!

Having several storehouses is not an issue anymore!
Define as many storehouses as you need as well as the inventory amounts there just by single click.

Use automated alert notifications for a pre-defined critical threshold.

One of the best parts of inventory management is the critical threshold. Once you define it you receive an alert notification as soon as you reach the amount. Moreover, you can also combine it with automated refill function and either get a refill from the main storage or place an automated order to your distributor. This way there are always enough products at the right time in the right place.

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