Contactless voucher card for your restaurant

The contactless voucher card can be quickly and easily topped up with individual amounts of money.

Kontaktlose Gutscheinkarte
Contactless voucher card

This is how it works:

With the help of an NFC-enabled device, the voucher card can be topped up with individual amounts of money. The payment process with the voucher card also works contactlessly using NFC technology.
The sale and redemption of the cards are automatically recorded in the cash register system.


request cards


top up with monetary value


pay using NFC


automatically recorded in the POS system

Gutscheinkarte mit NFC aufladen

immediate increase in sales

The sale of charged voucher cards immediately increases revenue without having to serve food and drinks. This increases liquidity.

Statistik Umsatzsteigerung

attract and retain guests

In most cases, those who purchase a charged voucher card give it as a gift to someone else. Recipients who might not yet be familiar with your restaurant can become new customers. When loyal regulars redeem the voucher card, this in turn has a positive effect on existing customer loyalty.

mit Gutscheinkarte bezahlen


Where can I get the voucher card for my business?

We take care of the production of your voucher cards. You just have to send us your design for the front and back. Afterward, you will conveniently receive the voucher cards by mail. They are ready for immediate use.

Gutscheinkarte in der Hand

What quantities of cards are available?

The minimum order quantity starts at 100 pieces (further 150, 200, 250, 500, 750, … pieces)


What technology is behind it?

The voucher cards are RFID cards and are invisibly equipped with a radio frequency antenna (RFID). This equipment is not visible and enables charging and paying using NFC technology.

NFC Gutscheinkarte

How do I top up the voucher card?

The voucher cards can only be used for payments once a monetary value has been credited to the card. This process only takes a few seconds.

To top up, hold the card over an NFC reading and writing device (e.g., smartphone, waiter device, or NFC module directly at the cash register) and enter the desired monetary value.

NFC Karte aufladen

How is payment made with a voucher card?

Payment using a voucher card is contactless (up to 10 cm) and comparable to transactions made with credit or debit cards.

Bezahlen mit Gutscheinkarte
0 %
89% of guests are more inclined to spend more than what was originally loaded onto the voucher card.

custom card design

The voucher cards are produced according to the individual corporate design of your restaurant.
Both the front and back are printed in color. The cards have rounded corners and are made of laminated PVC.

Tickets and more


Have additional tickets personalized

It is also possible to order individual tickets in addition to the voucher cards. Envelopes can also be ordered.

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