Seamless delivery service
for online orders

Ensure an efficient process by seamlessly integrating all orders from delivery and ordering platforms such as Lieferando, Foodora, Wolt and Uber Eats into your leafsystems checkout system.


Delivery service connection explained simply

1. customer places his order via delivery platform

2. delivery platform records order

The order is recorded by the delivery platform and forwarded to your delivery service connection.

3. delivery service connection processes order

Incoming orders from the delivery platforms are automatically displayed in the POS system. Regardless of how many different delivery services you use.

4. use our dashboard with a clear overview of all online orders

With leafsystems’ clear visualisation, you can keep track of all your orders.

5. order is ready for delivery or collection

Verify completed orders and see how the amount is automatically entered in the cash book.

Take your efficiency to the next level.

Save valuable time and labour costs

Without a delivery service connection, you have to manually transfer every order from an ordering platform to your POS system, which takes a considerable amount of time.

With the delivery service connection, all order data from the delivery platforms is automatically transferred to your POS system. This enables quick access to all information and minimises the risk of errors.

Simplification for accounting

All order data directly in your leafsystems checkout

Our system allows you to manage all orders from different delivery services on just one device. This means less effort, fewer mistakes and, above all, more time for what really counts: Your customers and your business!

The online orders are shown graphically and clearly on your display. Audible signals and a minute display keep you up to date on the status of your orders.


graphical overview


acoustic signals


display of minutes


no more errors

Clear presentation

Use as many delivery service platforms as you like.
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Foodora Logo
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Lieferando Logo
Foodora Logo
Logo Uber Eats

Increase your sales sustainably by integrating delivery services

The use of platforms such as Lieferando, Uber Eats, Wolt or Foodora enables restaurateurs to significantly increase their reach by reaching customers who are unable to visit the restaurant in person. This creates an additional revenue stream without additional seats or resources. Targeted advertising of special offers and discounts for delivery orders can encourage customers to order more frequently and increase sales.

even more from leafsystems

Our software solution is expandable with various modules and add-ons. Digitize your operations and make your gastronomy sustainably successful!

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