Mobile receipt: Quick order acceptance at the table

Now you can settle up even faster at the table! Improve your service quality sustainably and achieve up to 20% more sales.

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Digital voucher management: redeem and top up vouchers directly at the table using NFC technology

Our NFC-enabled handhelds make digital voucher management easier than ever before. With leafsystems you can provide your customers with personalized check vouchers.

information on

Allergens, ingredients, nutritional values, descriptions and images can be viewed on all handheld devices.

display of the stock

Service staff receive up-to-date information about the stocks of all food and drinks on their mobile handhelds.

interactive order acceptance

Thanks to the particularly user-friendly menu navigation and the use of colors and symbols, leafsystems makes it easier for service staff to take orders at the table. A new service employee is trained within a maximum of 10 minutes.

Using digitalization the right way

more turnover through satisfied guests

Reduced waiting times, faster deliveries to the table and more time for guests create a pleasant atmosphere in the restaurant. Satisfied guests are a lever for more sales, recommend you to others and come back more often.

Additional sales, such as a dessert or espresso per guest, sustainably increase turnover.


more time for guests


less errors


less walking distances


achieve sales targets.

order acceptance at the table

Orders are taken directly at the table by the service staff and sent to the kitchen or counter. Every waiter has full control over their tables, orders and completed bills.

Bestellannahme am Tisch
Notizen und Extras

notes and extras

“A schnitzel without fried potatoes, but with fries instead – on an extra plate please.” Whether pre-made modifiers, extras or simple notes on the order: service staff can make all entries quickly and directly with a mobile ordering device at the table.

intelligent aisle & space reservation

leafsystems allows you to divide a table into individual seats or parties. In this way, the guest can be billed precisely. This means the waiter knows exactly which guest has ordered which food and drink – WITHOUT ASKING.

Switching between aisles, parties or seats is simple and clear.

Kartenzahlung ohne Grenzen

card payment without borders

Payment by card can be made conveniently at the guest’s table. The amount is transferred directly to the supported card terminal. All the customer has to do is enter their PIN code or sign on the handheld.

Sumup, Hobex and all ZVT-capable providers are currently supported.

even more from leafsystems

Our software solution is expandable with various modules and add-ons. Digitize your operations and make your gastronomy sustainably successful!

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