More service with the digital menu

“Digital menus help service staff to serve more tables and have a positive impact on overall revenue.”


Language selection: No more language barriers for international guests.

increased throughput

As waiting times are reduced, you can occupy your tables more frequently throughout the day.

increased revenue

Reorders are typically significantly increased – especially for beverages.


Use the digital menu on an iPad, Android tablet, or touch monitor.

Solutions for Staff Shortage

Digital menus support you!

Especially when many guests flock to your restaurant, the service staff often cannot keep up with taking orders. This leads to longer wait times for customers and potential upselling opportunities being missed.

A digital menu can be used as a temporary mobile waiter or always be in use. The digital assistant is simply placed on the table and can thus relieve stress and hectic for the service staff.

The ordering process via digital menu can be linked to independent digital payment.
Utilize digitization effectively

happy guests despite staff shortages

You’re working with less staff than usual? Don’t worry! Digital menus support your team in taking orders. This way, your staff can fully dedicate themselves to your customers’ wishes.




compensate for staff shortages.


enough time for guests


achieve sales targets

advantages of a digital menu

all information at hand

  • Allergens.
  • Allergens.
  • Nutritional values.
  • Descriptions.
  • Images & videos.

endless possibilities for combinations

Create the right menu for each area. You can assign your items to the corresponding menu with just a few clicks.

Whether it’s a wine list, evening menu, or daily specials menu – your imagination knows no bounds.


digital drink menu as a revenue booster

Have you ever thought about a digital drink menu? If the guest looks around for the staff to reorder a drink, they can already take care of it themselves in a fraction of a second.

personal design

The digital menu will be fully customized to match your restaurant’s design. This way, your guests will receive a perfectly integrated digital menu that matches the corporate identity of your business.

persönliches Design erstellen

Call for service! – function

Your guests can call service staff to the table with just one click. The service staff receive a notification on their handhelds or the main device when one of your guests has a request.

Kellner rufen am Tisch

all you can eat with a digital menu

If your guests order in rounds at your restaurant, a digital menu from leafsystems is exactly the right solution. The round concept allows your guest to order a predetermined number of dishes within a specific time window.

Set it yourself:

ideal for take away or fast food establishments

order digitally with an ordering terminal

Order digitally with an ordering terminal. The advantage here is that dishes and drinks can be presented with large, appealing photos.

ordering with QR code at the table

Instead of tablets, simple QR codes can also be placed on the tables. This gives guests the opportunity to order and pay for dishes from their seats via smartphone – without the need for an app.

wireless ordering

Ensure quick order taking at the table.

POS system

A well-functioning cash register system is a prerequisite for successful business management.

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