Order with QR code at the table

All restaurants can benefit from a QR code at the table solution. Especially if the company works with few staff.

Order with QR code

It's that easy for the guest to order:

You can attach the QR code directly to your tables. The guest simply scans the QR code using a smartphone and is directed to the online menu. From there, it is possible to order food and drinks directly (and complete the payment process digitally yourself).
You don’t need an own app for this.


scan the QR code


order food & drinks


kitchen & service are informed


pay cash or digitally

This is the internal procedure:

create menus for different areas

Create as many menus as you need – for example a lunch menu, dinner menu, wine list, etc.
You can activate or deactivate these as required. The settings are simple and you can make them yourself.

Speisekarte direkt am Handy

provide the tables with QR codes

The table number is programmed in the QR code and signals to the kitchen and service where the order should be served. In the kitchen, the order is displayed digitally on a kitchen monitor or can be printed out on a receipt printer.

QR-Code am Tisch

direct connection to the POS system

The QR code on the table is not dependent on interfaces and is directly connected to the POS system. This minimizes the controlling and workload considerably.

direkte Verbindung QR-Code und Kassensystem

time for your guests' concerns

By taking the strain out of the ordering process, your service staff can take their time to deliver the food and advise your guests personally. The ‘Call service’ function is also integrated into the digital menu – a service employee can be called to the table at the touch of a button.

individual design for every restaurant

The online ordering system is adapted to the design of your business. This makes it easier for your guests to identify with your brand and they don’t feel like they’ve landed on a platform.

Independent digital payment can be linked to the ordering process using a digital menu.

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