Kitchen Monitor

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The Revolution
in the kitchen!

It has never been easier to organize a kitchen in a restaurant.

The best assistant that your chefs can dream of!

A well-synchronized workflow in the kitchen is very important.  Especially in rush hours when the restaurant is full of hungry clients, the kitchen monitor is here to save the day. It allows you to organize the orders of the tables in groups according to your staff’s preferences and spread them between the working stations in the kitchen.


of finished and unfinished orders


and adjustment on multiple monitors simultaneously


orders at the right production stations


Colored visualization and sound notifications

Improve the organization in the kitchen

Serve your clients as they deserve!

The kitchen monitor helps to make a clear prioritization of step-sequences and preparation times. It displays how long ago the order has been placed. This way your chefs know for how long the client has been waiting for the dish.

There is no way to miss an order!

Especially when the monitor is full of orders, colors are helping your kitchen staff not to forget the extras or the special wishes written in the notes. The sound signal ensures that everyone keeps track of new arriving orders.



Better organization behind the bar

You can use the kitchen monitor behind the bar as a bar monitor as well. Just chose which drinks or cocktails have to be shown on the monitor.

Save time with smart communication 

The waiters no longer have to shout through the kitchen to find out if the dish is ready to be served. Now they just need to take a look at the kitchen monitor.

Better communication with clients

You can also use it to communicate with the clients. Just hang an announcement monitor in the main room so that they can see if their dish is ready to be picked up.

More Kitchen Monitors for a better overview

Improve the organization in the kitchen using several kitchen monitors. The only thing you need to do is to define which monitor is showing which of the items.

How does it function?

Most importantly – work fast and keep track.

Once you click on the item it changes its color. This helps your staff to differentiate between the ready and pending orders.  After all of the orders have been served the table disappears from the monitor.

A monitor for the clients or for your staff.

Improve your Take-Away area with an announcement monitor for your clients. It shows your clients and staff which dishes are ready to be picked up. You can moreover decide on the software’s design so that it suits your business identity.

The kitchen monitor software as an addition to a leafsystems digital menu brings your service to a whole new level. Show me the digital menu!

Clicked too fast?

No problem. Just click on the history and you are going to see an overview of the last 20 orders that have been prepared.

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The Revolution
in the kitchen!

It has never been easier to optimize the processes in the Kitchen!