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Titelbild Kassensystem
The POS system is GdPdU, GoBD, KassensichV, and RKSV compliant.

available on every device

The POS system works on both a tablet and a traditional touch monitor. It can be used both online and offline.

safe and stable

Thanks to an intelligent hybrid solution, your data is stored on a local server component and additionally in the cloud. Accessible at any time and absolutely secure.

Sicher und stabil

easy to use

An intuitive, color-coded interface makes working with the system easy. Additionally, the presentation of items and categories can be customized according to individual preferences.

online dashboard

Real-time live analysis: daily key figures provide insights into your business success – can be evaluated even while on the go.

  • current revenue & orders
  • ordering behavior over time
  • top sellers and slow movers list
  • Journal of bookings and cancellations.
leafsystems is modular and flexibly expandable.

Discover the DATEV interface and other add-on technologies for your system.

The DATEV export is utilized by many of our customers. Our system is continuously expanded with new integrations and technologies.

Generate bills in record time.

Ring up orders faster and generate up to 20% more revenue.

the NFC gift card

Load NFC gift cards with custom amounts of money.

benefit from these features

vouchers & discounts

customer loyalty management

inventory display

transfer & cancel

digital receipts

various menus

graphical table layouts

allergens & nutrients

rights management

automatic offers

upselling requests

autom. end-of-day reconciliation

Kundendisplay an der Kasse

customer display at the cash register

With the help of a modern customer monitor, your customers can read along as the order is entered. Additionally, photos and promotions can be displayed.

A tip inquiry before electronic payments significantly increases the willingness to give tips.

intelligent table and aisle inquiry

leafsystems allows you to divide a table into individual seats, enabling you to book directly for each guest. The order can be served to the correct guest WITHOUT HAVING TO ASK.

Intelligent aisle inquiries help the service staff keep track of orders.

even more from leafsystems

Our software solution is expandable with various modules and add-ons. Digitize your operations and make your gastronomy sustainably successful!

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