Das Bootshaus I Mannheim


The Bootshaus is located directly on the beautiful banks of the Neckar, right next to the telecommunications tower in Mannheim. Since its foundation in 2001, the restaurant has proven to be a popular eatery in the area.

Terrasse mit Ausblick und Aperol

The challenges

Size of the restaurant
The Bootshaus in Mannheim has a terrace (200 square meters), event space (200 square meters) and a 176 square meter indoor area for classic restaurant operations. The kitchen is located at the very end of the dining area. Due to the long distances to the individual rooms, setting up the network was a particular challenge.

Professional network planning as a cornerstone
The network plan was created and implemented by our partner company Layer7 GmbH from Lörrach. In this way, optimum network coverage was achieved in every area.

Choosing a new POS system
In 2017, the founder and operations manager of Bootshaus agreed that their POS system was no longer up to date. Their menus change seasonally. They could not adapt these themselves, but always had to be changed by technicians. This led to high update costs. They run various events in both the private and business sectors. In addition, the accounting department always had a great need for a change due to legal changes.

Patrick Neulinger bei der Installation


  • 1 POS system
  • 2 waiter appliances
  • 1 kitchen monitor
  • 4 Kitchen printer
  • 3 LAN printers
  • 1 WLAN printer
  • 1 Webshop for delivery and collection service

“First-class service at the forefront.”
“For operations manager Patrick Schade, professional service is paramount. A robust and shock-resistant device was needed, which comfortably fits in the hand and supports the service staff in their work.” The battery life was of utmost importance in this regard.

Upgrade through intelligent features..<
With the inventory display on the POS terminal, service staff always have information about all stock levels of food and beverages. So if, for example, no Dry Age steak is available, an alternative can be quickly retrieved. With table assignment, the respective dishes are easily assigned to their appropriate tables. “Especially with large groups, this makes a special impression on the guests: ‘Ah, how do you still know that?’ By this alone, the Bootshaus saves up to 1.5 staff per shift, by the way.”

More possibilities and automatic accounting.
Suddenly, you have the opportunity to create, change, and upload as many menus as you want. It only takes a few clicks. The tax consultant, who by the way recommended the new system, now has her own access and exports everything necessary directly herself. The greatest joy and relief came from the DATEV interface and the cost center breakdown in the reports.

“Every guest has a designated seat at the table, which is selected before each order. This is very helpful for larger groups because previously, people would stand around the table and call out, ‘Who gets the green salad? Who’s having the schnitzel?’ Now, it looks much more professional through this inquiry. We can see directly at the table which seat number each guest has and therefore the corresponding meal, without having to ask again. This always surprises the guests, of course,” said the restaurant manager.

The solution for the lockdown.

Thanks to his years of experience, the operations manager survived the first wave of COVID-19 with good revenues. For this purpose, a takeaway and delivery service concept was quickly developed, strategically complemented by a webshop. The payment is made digitally, for example via PayPal, or upon delivery or pickup, cash or card.

The webshop is particularly a powerful tool in the current phase to generate revenue.

The webshop continues to be utilized. Especially during the lockdown-light, the delivery service is being emphasized again. You can access the webshop here:


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