The right label for every order

The thermal label printer is a cost-effective, environmentally friendly direct thermal printer for liner-free labels.

Label printers from Star Micronics

Compact design and efficient print management

The linerless label printer prints repositionable labelling and allergen labels, food orders and closure labels as well as product labels.

It reduces waste and material costs and increases the accuracy of order fulfilment. The labels adhere to practically any surface and can be easily removed and reapplied without leaving any residue.

The label printer is recommended for the following companies:
take away
ghost kitchen
bubble tea
Bubble tea shops

all information on one label

What information can be printed on the label?

  • selling price
  • online – or To-Go Order
  • barcodes
  • ingredients
  • allergens.
  • customer messages
  • time
  • date
  • logo
  • etc.

Easy to integrate into the existing leafsystems POS system.

The printer is compatible with IOS, Android and Windows and can be quickly integrated into leafsystems’ existing POS system solution.

The printer is also available with interchangeable plug-in interfaces, making it particularly versatile and easy to expand. In addition to serial, USB and Ethernet LAN interfaces, an MFi-certified Bluetooth model is also available.

Functions at a glance

Stress-free through rush hour

Support for your service staff

The printer has an optional material removal sensor – each new label or order is held back until the previous label has been removed. The sensor facilitates efficient and accurate processing of multiple orders.

An alarm can also be connected to alert the service department once or repeatedly that a label is waiting to be accepted.

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