Marco's I Rosenheim

Italian Restaurant

Specializing in Italian cuisine, Marco’s offers a variety of meat and fish dishes alongside pizza and pasta. The restaurant in Stephanskirchen is known not only as a dining establishment but also as an event venue on weekends. Parties for various occasions take place in our own lounge area.

The challenges

“Size of the establishment”
The premises were previously used as a car dealership before the opening. Thus, the restaurant is a huge complex. Ensuring a stable wireless connection was therefore the highest priority.

Distributed stations – Communication in the kitchen.
In the kitchen, fish, meat, pasta, appetizers, and desserts are prepared. However, the pizza oven is located in a separate area. Communication between the pizza chef and the kitchen is therefore not conventionally possible.

The following issue needed to be addressed:
If a table with several people, for example, orders pizza and pasta, the preparation times are different. This means the pizza chef needs to know that the order includes both a pizza and a pasta. Similarly, the pasta chef needs to know that the order includes a pizza. For this purpose, an automatic marking of the order was developed, which is printed on the kitchen printer as a note. Now, all communication possibilities can be represented.

“Evening lounge operation.”
So that all bookings are managed in one system, leafsystems introduced the option of menu management. This ensured that only bookings appropriate for the lounge area were made in the lounge section.

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