L'intenditore I Waldhausen im Strudengau (AT)


Mario’s Pizzeria is located directly on the shore of a bathing lake and is so popular that a team of eight is on duty at peak times.

“It simply fascinates me to be able to make a pizza here in Waldhausen like the one in Naples 🇮🇹,” Mario tells us during our visit. Over the course of 5 years, he has refined and perfected the art of pizza preparation.

We asked Mario how the process works from ordering to the finished pizza🍕:

“Our concept is based on self-service, which enables us to process orders extremely quickly and ensure short waiting times. Our guests order their pizzas at the cash desk and take a drink from the fridge themselves. Each guest receives a pager from us that rings as soon as the pizzas are ready. The ordered pizzas are displayed on the kitchen monitor and are prepared quickly, as Neapolitan pizzas are in the pizza oven for just 60 seconds. After all, our customers can pick up their freshly prepared pizzas at our counter.”

After all, our customers can pick up their freshly prepared pizzas at our counter.” Here he keeps track of to-go orders and the pizzas that are eaten on site. The kitchen monitor also shows how long guests have been waiting for their orders. Mario explains: “If someone calls and asks how long the waiting time is, I can see it immediately at a glance on the kitchen monitor. I couldn’t imagine working without a kitchen monitor”.

Mario vor Pizzaofen

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